Excel Time Saving Tips – Templates

One thing the recent situation has taught me is that investing time in processes can pay back in the long run. I’ve pulled together a couple of tips that have saved me time generating Excel reports.


I have a certain style of reports. I like my set colours, formatting. Presenting data in an easily read format is very important. Ever thought how long it takes to format a workbook? Why not create a template?!

I’ll take you through my tips on my template tabs in another post. This is a great time saver!

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Saving a Template in Excel

Got the bear bones of your usual report? Here are the steps to save it so its always readily available. Saving you valuable time when pulling together a new workbook.

Lets say you have your workbook

Your Template

Get your template prepared. This is unique to you, so set up however you like. Once you have your bare bones of a usual report you pull together head to the save menu.

  • Select File
  • Save
  • Choose a filename
  • Dropdown under the fileneame and select “Excel Template”

Creating a Workbook from a Template

Great, we’ve created a template, this will save us tonnes of time tinckering with fonts, colours, default column widths. There’s no limit to the number of templates you can have.

To create a workbook using a template follow these steps:

  • File
  • New
  • Click “Personal”
    This should be just under the “blank workbook” option
  • Double click your template file

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